2019 Parkinson’s Disease & You Symposium

The Parkinson’s Disease & You Symposium, which started in 2009, is an all-day annual event that attracts people from throughout Michigan and Ohio, regardless of where they receive care. The 2019 Symposium which took place on October 4, 1019, provided up-to-date information given by leaders in the field and a chance to connect with other people and families who are living with the condition. The University of Michigan Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson’s Disease Research has funded the Symposium since 2015; the U-M Surgical Therapies Improving Movement (STIM) Program funded previous programs. To be notified of future events, please join our email list.You may view the presentations from the 2019 symposium as a playlist or individually by clicking on the video window below. To view the individual videos on YouTube, click on the links below the video window.Click on a link below to view a video on YouTube: