Motor City UpBeats Therapeutic Choir open to people with Parkinson’s

Motor City UpBeats Therapeutic Choir
Virtual Open House and Voice Exercise Class

Motor City UpBeats Founder Dr. Alice Silbergleit and Director and Co-Founder Elizabeth Esqueda hosted a kick off to the 2021 Semester on January 29. Elizabeth led the group in warm-ups, voice exercises, musical skills and songs. Dr. Silbergleit joined for a Q & A Session at the end.

Throughout the month of February, Motor City UpBeats Therapeutic Choir offered a virtual voice exercise class with light stretching, warm-ups, voice exercises, and fun songs to sing. They focused on encouraging healthy, resonant sound production using elements from singing instruction to increase volume, flexibility, and expression in the speaking and singing voice, as well as sing fun songs together to practice what we are learning!

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